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Boxer Personal Checks

Vendor: Bradford Cheques

Boxer Dog Checks Honor Your Best Friend with Dog Check Art by Pollyanna Pickering - Boxers are devoted, brave, independent, and rambunctious bundles of energy! They look so fearsome with their muscular, sleek-furred bodies and powerful, short faces, but anyone who has a Boxer as their best friend knows they're sweet, cuddly cuties! Now, Bradford Exchange Checks(R) introduces a designer personal dog check collection that honors the loving, playful spirit of your Boxer in a tribute that any Boxer dog lover would be proud to own. Acclaimed artist and friend to animals Pollyanna Pickering captures the Boxer's boundless energy, protective devotion and loving nature with remarkable sensitivity in four champion Boxer dog check portraits fit for the hero of your heart. The Boxer check art is so true-to-life, you'll want to give each one a belly rub! The Boxer dog check art designs are available exclusively from Bradford Exchange Checks(R), and are expertly re-created with premium-quality check printing. Carry your best friend with you as an artistic reminder of the enduring impression that your faithful Boxer has on your life - order your Boxer dog check designs now! Pricing shown is for 2 boxes of Singles.

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